Advocacy & Awareness for Immune Disorders Association (AAIDA)

Lauren Dunlap, PACS

Lauren Dunlap, PACS

Executive Director

Lauren Dunlap has always had a passion for advocacy and helping others. As an individual who is affected by Primary Immunodeficiency Disease (PI), which are due to genetic defects in the immune system that an individual is born with, Lauren spends much of her time volunteering and advocating for patients. After being diagnosed with PI in 2010 and feeling the isolation that often follows such a diagnoses, Lauren wanted to help patients understand that such a diagnoses does not have to control every aspect of ones life.

Lauren has been a go-to resource for healthcare providers for many years by offering valuable insights and education regarding barriers to patient care, treatment and outcomes. Lauren speaks both locally and nationally on various healthcare related topics that affect both patients and providers. To expand her advocacy efforts, Lauren become a board-certified Prior Authorization Certified Specialist (PACS) with the Accreditation Council of Medical Affairs in 2020. She felt this was vital to help patients better understand and navigate the prior authorization process, which are often required by insurance companies for medications and procedures.

A native of York, S.C, Lauren resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. She has also been an active volunteer with CSL Plasma since 2014, where she educates donors and staff members about the life-saving medications that plasma donations contribute to. Lauren enjoys whitewater rafting, climbing, traveling, spending time on her farm and studying various cultures.