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McGuire Shaffer

McGuire Shaffer

Young Adult Board Member

McGuire Shaffer is a student at Clemson University whose ultimate goal is to prevent kids from going through some of the things she has gone through as a patient with an immune condition, while empowering them with the knowledge of how to advocate for themselves from a young age. The beads McGuire is holding in the picture above are the story of her senior year of high school. It tells the tale of all the shots, treatments and surgeries she underwent over the course of a few months.

During AAIDA’s 1st Annual Educational Fundraiser, McGuire was a guest speaker, giving her perspective as a young adult patient living with a chronic immune condition. McGuire and her mother, Karin Shaffer, have been active volunteers with AAIDA since¬† 2017. McGuire became an At-Large Board member in 2019.